Born Frees: 2018 Election Games Changers

By Tapiwa Sawaje.

Yes!!! People have questions.

Is this it?

Will Zimbabwe be free at last?

Can the Grand Coalition be victorious in 2018 ?

Will it get the majority?

It seems there are more questions than answers.

These questions can only be answered if we take a deep look at previous elections. Zimbabwe’s Opposition must have slick campaign messages that resonate with both the urban and rural folks.

Zimbabwe’s Opposition must find a pedestal that addresses voter apathy via employing counter rigging strategies and conveying a message to the electorate that builds confidence. Voter Apathy mainly chews the support base of the Opposition as citizens feel voting for the Opposition is a waste of time since the ruling party will ‘rig’ its way to victory.

The Opposition will need to hold Primaries that will select candidates that are chosen by the people for the people. Opposition Candidates that have a popular mandate via primaries are largely going to address the challenge of voter apathy as people will likely turn out to vote in large numbers.

The Preparatory Framework via primaries is very demanding and forces candidates out of their comfort zone to articulate their party policies and it broadens outreach of the opposition. It also creates a strong and serious political awareness panacea for voter apathy.

Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans deserve better.

The term ‘Grand’ should be used for what it stands for not just as a sugar coating. Citizens are more important than political leaders. Breaking down voter demographics reveals salient features that the Opposition needs to pay special attention to. The trends of the past elections reveal interesting facts.

Statistics point to the fact that ‘born frees’ are reluctant to vote.

The big question is why?

The next big question is will the ‘born frees’ vote for a Presidential candidate, Parliamentary Candidates and Council candidates of the Grand Coalition ?

The answer is most likely no.

Therefore a solution to attract this voting constituency of ‘born frees’ must be reached and fast.

In the 2018 elections, the ‘born frees’ will constitute the majority of voters.

The ‘born frees’ will be the game changers in the 2018 elections and can help to break the ZanuPf monopoly of winning elections.

Smith was defeated with all the state resources so will Mugabe.

Together we can.

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